Through Air India Express website, booking offices, call centre & all travel agents

After booking your flight ticket, hot meals can be booked up to 24 hours prior to departure

Yes hot and cold beverages can be purchased through “Buy on-board” on select sectors

Yes ready to eat food items are available on select sectors for onboard purchase through Buy on-board. Instant food items are served after mixing with hot water

Pre-booked meal option is available on almost all flights, if you are unable to book you meal it means pre-booked meal is not available on that sector

Pre-booked meal can be cancelled up to 24 hours prior to departure with refund

Pre-booked meal will be cancelled / amended as per your new flight booking and refund processed if applicable

Your pre-booked meal would have been ordered and uplifted on the flight as per earlier booking without refund

No, pre-booked meals as the name suggests will be available only on prior booking

Reward your taste buds with wide variety of snacks & beverages on board

Air India Express now offers buy-on-board for its passengers.
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